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Call for Abstracts

Abstracts must be submitted via the online CATALYST Submission Management System.

Information about how to log into CATALYST, create a new account, and navigate through the submission process is available.

The Draft Paper Submission Deadline is November 17th, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. EST


Track 1: Climate change and the Geoenvironment

  • 1.a. Challenges and solutions
  • 1.b. Cascading impacts          
  • 1.c. Multihazard natural disasters
  • 1.d. Climate impacts of geoenvironmental engineering applications
  • 1.e. Geoenvironmental preparedness against climate change

Track 2: Innovative Developments in

  • 2.a. Sensing: Instrumentation and monitoring  
  • 2.b. Geosynthetics and unconventional geomaterials  

Track 3: Geoenvironmental Contamination

  • 3.a. Remediation and restoration
  • 3.b. Containment
  • 3.c. Emerging contaminants  
  • 3.d. Fate and transport  

Track 4: Energy

  • 4.a. Clean-energy transition
  • 4.b. Decarbonization  
  • 4.c. Deep repositories
  • 4.d. Geothermal
  • 4.e. Biogas

Track 5: Sustainability and Resilience

  • 5.a. Carbon sequestration
  • 5.b. Adaptive management  
  • 5.c. Post disaster materials management
  • 5.d. Resilient geoenvironmental infrastructure

Track 6: Waste Containment and Management

  • 6.a. Vertical barriers
  • 6.b. Subaqueous containment
  • 6.c. Landfills
  • 6.d. Impoundments
  • 6.e. Solid and hazardous waste
  • 6.f. Mine waste
  • 6.g. Nuclear/radioactive waste


Download ASCE Proceedings Author Paper Formatting Instructions (.DOCX)

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