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Aerial view of a sunset in downtown Portland Oregon

Sustainability and Resilience of the Geoenvironment in Facing a Changing Climate

The Geoenvironmental Congress aims to foster collaboration and information sharing among geoenvironmental professionals to address the challenges posed by a changing climate. Highlighting strategies for managing soil and groundwater scarcity and contamination, managing byproducts and waste in a sustainable way, while promoting sustainable geoenvironmental practices in the face of a rapidly changing climate.

Welcome to the official website for the Geoenvironmental Engineering Technical Committee's specialty conference on geoenvironmental engineering! This conference is organized every eight years to share the latest advancements in this field. Our previous events have been:

  • GeoChicago 2016: Sustainability, Energy, & the Geoenvironment
  • GeoCongress 2008: Geo-sustainability and Geohazard Mitigation
  • Geoenvironment 2000: Characterization, Containment, Remediation, and Performance in Environmental Geotechnics.

This year's conference focuses on the impact of climate change on the geoenvironment, as well as the impact of the geoenvironment on Earth's climate system. Our main theme is centered around identifying the challenges and solutions that arise from these impacts. We welcome all geoenvironmental professionals, researchers, practitioners, and students to attend and share their insights on this critical topic.

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Connect with colleagues and international leaders in the field of geoenvironmental engineering to expand your network and establish professional relationships.
  • Prepare to address the grand challenges that the world faces by gaining new perspectives and innovative ideas to find sustainable solutions.
  • Gain broad and deep knowledge on the latest advances in sustainability, energy, and resilience by attending keynote speeches and technical sessions, conducted by experts in the field.
  • Share your ideas and experiences with fellow professionals, regulators, and researchers to explore the cascading impacts of climate change on the geoenvironment and find ways to mitigate them.
  • Gain valuable insights into sustainability and resilience frameworks and guidelines, which will help you to incorporate best practices into your work and projects.
  • Enjoy the beauty of Portland with geofriends while attending social events and exploring the city.

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